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  • ​Refracting Model
    Tim Svarczkopf  
    Presented at 2015 SPE Eastern Regional Meeting Refract Workshop
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  • ​Identification of Fundamental Interfacial and Transport Phenomena for the
    ​Sustainable Deployment of Hydraulic Shale Fracturing - Role of Chemicals Used
    Tim Svarczkopf 
    September 2012
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  • Water Reuse Considerations for Marcellus Shale Development
    Tim Svarczkopf · Pete Miller
    Pittsburgh Engineer Magazine, Spring 2011
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  • ​Hydraulic Fracturing Sustainability Goals
    Tim Svarczkopf  
    Presented at 2010 DUG East Conference
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  • Article: Appalachia Shale Gas Water Management Best Practices
    Tim Svarczkopf · Sean Beecroft