TightROCK Achievements 

  • Developed Tight Rock Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery Lab Work Flow and Chemistry IP (1st and 2nd Quarter, 2015)
  • Partnered with Super Major in this Space (Exclusive contract executed 9/1/2015) 
  • $12MM Rock Fluid Interaction Laboratory Established
  • 43 Procedures Written

                 9 Separate Rock Fluid Interaction Methods

                 4 Proprietary Rock Fluid Interaction Methods

                 Hundreds Of Fluid Combinations Evaluated

  • $250MM Total Laboratory Capability 
  • Laboratory Work Flow Personnel Established

                  3 Full Time PhDs Assigned

                  2 Full Time Technicians Assigned

                 16 Partial Duty Employees Assigned

  • Chemical Supply Established
  • Chemical Logistics Established
  • Chemical Applications Equipment Established
  • Innovated Well Bore Lay Up Chemistry
  • Developed Well Bore Hydraulic Engineering Model
  • Developed Perforation Reliability Model

major milestones