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Mr. Grose has been involved in the Specialty Chemical Treatment business for over 23 years. Starting with Nalco Chemical in 1989, Mr. Grose was part of the Basic Industry group that specialized in raw and waste water clarification, boiler and cooling system treatment, and fuel oil additives for a variety of industrial accounts. He spent nearly five years with Nalco before forming the first of his own companies brokering machine work and drafting services, Grose Engineering. In 1995, he consolidated Grose Engineering as part of the creation of Comtech Industries that additionally targeted markets within the steel, chemical, refinery, cogeneration and pulp & paper industries within the tri-state area. Mr. Grose added a third company in February 2008 specializing in construction, specifically, industrial boiler repair.

As Comtech’s CEO, Mr. Grose is responsible for the corporate vision and strategic direction of the company. He is a long-time resident of the Pittsburgh area and attended South Park High School and the University of Pittsburgh.  He currently resides in Washington, PA with his wife and two children.

DEAN Grose