tim svarczkopf

Years of experience: 30
Position: CEO

Mr. Svarczkopf was named a Chevron Fellow in 2013 for his work in stimulation fluid chemistry and its application on shale formations. 

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dean grose

Years of experience: 17
Position: Chairman

Dean formed Comtech Industries, Inc. 15 years ago and has steadily grown the company with foresight and innovation. 


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Jason Grose

Years of experience: 6
Position: President
Before joining TightROCK Solutions, Jason worked for Comtech Industries, Inc in several roles and brings a wealth of experience to the client relations team.

Royce kranz III

Years of experience: 1
Position: Petroleum Engineer
Royce is the newest member of the TightROCK team, having received his degree in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering from Penn State University in 2015.

To enable E&P operators to exercise technical authority over their well bore hydraulic engineering design and stimulation fluid design while integrating fluid application with water management, chemical management, facilities management, and waste management.  Every recommendation will be supported by mathematical or laboratory work flow proof.  The end result will be E&P operator performance that competes in terms financial, safety, and environmental performance with any oil and gas play on earth. As our clientele demonstrate industry leading performance, so shall we.